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All About our Waxing

This is your space! Your space to pamper yourself and have us take care of any (and all if you’re up for it) unwanted hair, or shape your brows to perfection. We do it all – full brazilian waxes, bikini waxes, back waxes, leg waxes, chin waxes, underarm waxes and more. We use hard wax on sensitive areas and do not double dip (ew, of course not!). Our lovely Glow Givers and modern, private treatment rooms will put you at ease.

Before your Wax

Make sure your hair is at least 1/4 of an inch long, or has an average of 5 – 6 weeks of growth, give or take. We know – it’s hard! But try to resist the urge to shave.

If you are using prescription acne medication or prescription vitamin A, stop taking it at least two weeks before your facial wax appointment.

Try to avoid harsh exfoliating and strong acids (Glycolic for example) 48 hours before your appointment. Gentle manual exfoliation the day before is great and can help prep the skin, but the keyword is ‘gentle!’

If you are booking both a facial and a wax on the same day (lucky you!), book your wax first and than your facial if possible. Call us and we will help! 626-662-9222.

Looking to book for an appointment?
Give us a call at 626-662-9222 and we’ll reserve your spot!


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Qbeauty is a waxing spa in Arcadia. We offer expert facials, full body waxing and clean skincare products. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $50.

61 Alta St. Arcadia, CA 91006